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Survivor Story

Though Sharon witnessed generations of female relatives being beaten by spouses, she felt sure her husband would be different. Unfortunately, he wasn’t. First came the criticisms and then the beatings. Over her 20-year marriage, the domestic violence never ended. It only grew worse.

People close to Sharon told her to stay for the sake of her children. It wasn’t until her children started pressing her that Sharon found the strength to take action. “Momma,” said her oldest child, “we can do better than this!” Sharon picked up the phone and called Hubbard House.

At Hubbard House, Sharon attended support groups, and she received counseling where she learned – for the very first time – that she wasn’t to blame for the violence. Working with advocates, she also developed a safety plan, so she and her children could be safe at home while she formulated a strategy to leave her abuser. Soon, Sharon had a plan and was able to move herself and her children into a safe place. Hubbard House programs also helped Sharon's children heal from their abusive home and saved them from perpetuating the cycle of domestic violence.

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