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Domestic Violence Hotline

24-Hour Hotline: (904) 354-3114
24-Hour Textline: (904) 210-3698

How do I get help from Hubbard House?

If you are experiencing domestic violence, Hubbard House is here for you.

When you are ready, you can call Hubbard House’s 24/7 Hotline or text Hubbard House’s 24/7 Textline to get connected to free, confidential support. Here is what you can expect when you reach out:

The advocate who answers the call will ask if you are safe to talk. Your safety is always our priority! You do not have to share your name or any information that you are not yet ready to share.

The advocate will listen to you and address immediate needs, which may include determining the need for shelter and providing safety planning support.

The advocate will let you know about the different services we provide that may be appropriate for your situation. We can also provide referrals to community partners, if there is a need.

When you are ready to reach out, please think about if your partner has access to your text messages or call log. When possible, use a “safe” device, meaning a phone your partner doesn’t have access to. This can be a prepaid cellphone your partner doesn’t know about or the phone of a trusted friend/colleague.

What if I am not ready to leave?

Hubbard House trusts you to know what’s best for your situation, so we will never force you to leave, engage in services, or take other actions unless you’re ready and able to.

The Hubbard House Hotline is not only for victims in crisis. Through the Hubbard House Hotline, advocates can help with safety planning. This can include steps to take while in the relationship to promote your safety, help when planning to leave, and/or support after you have left the relationship.

In addition to safety planning, advocates can help connect you to help for other needs you may have, like court advocacy or children’s counseling. The Hotline is also a safe place where you can talk about your situation to someone who believes you, without judgment.

When you are ready, we encourage you to make the call. You are not required to continue with us past this phone call, if you’re not ready. You know your safety and situation best, so Hubbard House is here for you as a support, any time.

I don’t need help, but I know someone who does.

Thank you for being an ally to victims of domestic violence. This is a potentially life-saving support the victim needs!

The Hubbard House Hotline is available for you as well. Trained advocates can provide guidance and support for how to talk to the victim and encourage them to get help. You can also learn more about our services through the Hotline and this website, to educate yourself on the support that is available for victims.

While it’s so important to be a support for the victim, it’s also important to let them lead in deciding what is best for their situation. Only they know what’s safest for themselves and their children, so please do not try to push them into taking action they’re not ready for. What they need at this moment is to know that you support them, you believe them, and they are not alone.