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Legal Services

You do not have to face your abuser alone.

For victims of domestic violence, the legal system offers some protections to consider. But it can also be challenging to navigate.

You don’t have to face this alone. Hubbard House is here for you.

Legal services

Injunction for Protection Support

An Injunction for Protection, also known as a restraining order, provides a victim emergency protection under the law. It’s intended to keep your abuser from hurting you, your children, or other loved ones. The Injunction is an order from a judge that may say your abuser can’t physically come near you, contact you, come in your home, come to your work, or similar things. Most injunctions are usually temporary.

Hubbard House attorneys may be able to provide support in filing for and obtaining an Injunction for Protection. Hubbard House advocates can also help with safety planning around the filing and serving of an Injunction for Protection, which can be a dangerous time for a victim.

While an Injunction for Protection is an important tool in many cases, it does not replace the need for a safety plan. An Injunction creates legal consequences for your abuser, if they try to harm you, but that relies on their willingness to obey the law. You should still actively safety plan, whether or not you have an Injunction.

Court Advocacy

We know the legal system can be challenging, even under the best of circumstances. Our trained advocates work at the Courthouse, ready to help you.

We know the abuse isn’t your fault, and we believe you. We will stand beside you in court when you face your abuser. You don’t have to go through this process alone.

Court advocacy Support includes:

  • Helping you understand your rights and the resources available to you
  • Sitting with you in the courtroom and providing emotional support
  • Explaining the legal processes involved in your case

Safe Choices Program

There are times when charges will be brought against an abuser, even if the victim doesn’t feel like it’s in their best interest. For example, if the abuser is the sole income supporting the family, the victim may fear the abuser will lose that job because of an arrest. It’s important to support victims’ choices so that they can act in a way they believe is safest for their family.

But it’s also important for the victim to fully understand their situation. So, any person who wants to get domestic violence-related charges dropped against their partner can choose to go through the Safe Choices program at Hubbard House. An advocate will educate the victim on the dynamics of domestic violence, the abusive tactics they have faced, and the resources that are available to help.

Completion of Safe Choices is considered by prosecutors who are determining how to move forward with a case, however it is not a guarantee that charges will be dropped.

Other Legal Considerations

A victim of domestic violence could face many different legal matters, like child custody, divorce, or other legal actions. There may be additional legal challenges that are a direct result of the abuse. For example, an abuser may force a victim to commit a crime, like stealing food to feed their children.

Hubbard House does not provide legal representation in these cases, however we can provide other forms of support, including referrals.

All victims of domestic violence are eligible for Hubbard House services, regardless of immigration status, criminal history, or related factors.