Get Involved

Host a Speaker

You can help Hubbard House raise awareness about domestic violence and our life-changing services by inviting a speaker to an upcoming meeting or event.

From workplace lunch-and-learn sessions to social club meetings to religious fellowship gatherings and more, Hubbard House can customize a presentation to fit your audience. Our community is better when we know how to help victims of domestic violence and their families, so hosting a speaker can be a truly life-saving opportunity!

Hubbard House can also customize trainings for professional audiences, including for healthcare professionals, social service organizations, attorneys, victim advocacy organizations, and related fields.


To Request a Speaker

Email with the following information.

1. What is the date, time and location of your event?

  • If the presentation is virtual, will a meeting link be provided. or does Hubbard House need to create a Zoom meeting?

2. How much time is available for a Hubbard House speaker?

3. Is there anything specific you would like the speaker to cover?

4. Do you have a projector/screen, computer, or other way to share slides during the presentation?

5. About how many people do you expect to attend the event, so we can bring the appropriate number of printed informational materials?

Please know that we will do our best to fill all requests that come in, but Hubbard House participation is not guaranteed until you receive a commitment in response to your email. Please give as much advance notice as possible, because our speakers book up very quickly!