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Outreach Center and Services

Support when and where you are in need.

While our shelter is a core service, we know not everyone needs to – or wants to – come into shelter. For example, many victims of domestic violence benefit from meeting with an advocate to gain support and discover resources, but don’t need the safety of shelter. Free counseling, support groups, and other services are still available to you – our Outreach Center is the perfect place to visit to learn more.

Hubbard House’s Outreach Center is open weekday business hours, by appointment. We also offer virtual appointments and limited walk-in availability. A walk-in center is important, because our emergency shelter is in a confidential, undisclosed location. This is the easiest way to see us in person.

Some of the services you can receive at the Outreach Center include:

  • Safety planning
  • Individual and group counseling for adults and children
  • Referrals for the services you need
  • Job and housing help
  • Access to Injunction for Protection Attorneys

Outreach Center

Hubbard House Outreach Center
6629 Beach Blvd. 
Jacksonville, FL 32216 
(904) 400-6300
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Women and children

Specialized Outreach Services

We created our Outreach Center to be an open, welcoming place where victims of domestic violence could more easily find us. We applied that same idea in other areas of the community, seeking ways we could be accessible, wherever victims of domestic violence seek safety. Here are some of the other ways we partner in our community, to increase access to Hubbard House services:

  • Assisting victims of domestic violence who are working with Department of Children and Families child protective investigators, to make sure victims and their children are believed and well-supported.
  • Helping victims of domestic violence navigate the judicial system at the Duval County Courthouse and ensuring they don’t have to face their abuser alone.
  • Working with Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office police officers to review case files and reduce domestic violence homicides.
  • Collaborating with the City of Jacksonville, the 4th Judicial Circuit, and a local nonprofit to provide safe child visitation and exchange services.
  • Providing advocacy services through our Baker County office, including the same job and housing help, court support, and other services we provide in Duval County.
  • Educating about domestic violence and our services at community events.

Interested in learning more about any of these services?