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How do I stay safe?

If your friend or family member is in a relationship where domestic violence is present, it’s advisable to take steps to ensure your own safety. By thinking through situations and options, you will know better how to avoid dangerous situations and protect yourself and your loved one, even in a high anxiety scenario.

For instance, when you talk to your loved one, you will want to be sure to do so in a private, unmonitored location, so you are sure his/her abusive partner isn’t listening. You may also want to develop a code word or signal that you or your loved one can use when you need the police.

These are just a couple of steps you can take to protect yourself and your loved ones. To learn others and to develop a more complete personal safety plan, call our 24/7 Domestic Violence Hotline, (904) 354-3114. Advocates are standing by and the call is confidential.

Special note: Leaving is the most dangerous time for survivors. During this transition time, it may be safer for the survivor to stay in shelter rather than in the home of a friend or family member because the abuser knows where to find her or him. Our hotline can help to plan how to leave safely and where to go from there.


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