Inside Hubbard House

A Survivor’s Poem

We received a poem from a resident at Hubbard House, which illustrates the impact your support has on the lives of the victims of domestic violence and their children.  She wrote:

Safe inside your haven I woke up in the night. 

Remembering what happened, I clutched my pillow tight… 

The dreams I could not run from.  The memories within. 

Abuse goes so much deeper than broken bones and skin. 

The brainwashing, the hurt, the fear echoing inside. 

 I know that I can run from it, but I can never hide. 

So I have gone to start anew.  I’ll hold my head up high. 

 ‘Cause I’ll never know what I can do if I never try.

This is one example of the many women who, thanks to your support, have found the strength they needed at Hubbard House to transform lives of pain into futures of happiness and peace. 



Last year, Hubbard House provided 21,003 hours of counseling and shelter to 1,030 individuals (549 women, 475 children, and 6 men).

Hubbard House Emergency Shelter residents are provided life-saving services that include:

  • Safety planning
  • Crisis intervention
  • Food and clothing
  • Individual and group counseling
  • Life management skills
  • Support groups
  • Assistance in obtaining housing
  • Locating employment
  • Court advocacy
  • Coordinated family outings and activities

By providing victims with access to information and support as well as safe refuge, the shelter services address the crucial needs of victims in the midst of crisis. Learn more about Hubbard House’s Emergency Shelter.  

If you or someone you know is in an abusive relationship please call the Hubbard House 24-hour domestic violence hotline at (904) 354-3114 or (800) 500-1119. Hubbard House can help.

Founded as the first domestic violence shelter in Florida in 1976, Hubbard House is a certified, comprehensive domestic violence center providing programs and services to more than 6,000 women, children, and men annually in Duval and Baker counties. While Hubbard House is most known for its emergency shelter, the agency also provides extensive adult and youth outreach services, school-based education, therapeutic childcare, batterers’ intervention programs, court advocacy and volunteer and community education opportunities. Visit to learn more.