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Domestic violence is an epidemic that affects thousands of women, children, and men in Duval and Baker counties each year and can impact generations to come. There are four main types of abuse in domestic violence situations: physical, emotional, economic, and sexual abuse. Domestic violence is often more than an isolated incident. It is a recurring cycle of violence that often increases in severity over time. Unfortunately, many people do not realize the abuse they are living with is domestic violence and, as a result, do not seek help. Others know they are living in fear but do not know help is available.

The mission of Hubbard House is safety, empowerment, and social change for victims of domestic violence and their families. Our vision is Every Relationship Violence-Free. Every woman, man, and child who comes to Hubbard House finds support, counseling, and education as they begin the difficult and dangerous transition to safety and peace. Victims of domestic violence and their children are not charged for the life-saving services they receive at Hubbard House.

Hubbard House has been and continues to be an award-winning pioneer in the field. In all we do, victim safety is our top priority. We value the experiences of survivors and learn from them. We shelter approximately 120 victims and their children each day and provide services to 5,000 victims a year. Six to ten people still lose their lives to domestic violence each year in Jacksonville. Most have never called the police or contacted Hubbard House, yet family and friends knew of the violence. If we are going to finally end domestic violence, if we are going to have a generation of children who do not have to live with violence in their home, we need your help and the help of everyone you know.