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Peace Begins at Home

Children are like sponges, they hear, see and feel everything especially when it comes to domestic violence.  They often reflect any behaviors they see at home.

Hubbard House wants to remind parents about the effects of domestic violence on children.

Children who witness domestic violence are more likely to develop social, emotional, psychological and/or behavioral problems. These problems can effect a child’s development and can continue into adulthood. Boys are at greater risk of learning that the use of violence can be a strategy to facilitate their needs and wants and often try to intimidate and bully others in social situations. Girls tend to be at risk of learning that violence is normal and as a result they’ll be more apt to accept violence within their relationships.

Children react differently to abuse depending on age and gender. Some of the common effects domestic violence has on children are:


  • General fearfulness
  • Stomach aches
  • Nightmares


  • Poor social skills
  • Low self-esteem
  • Violent outbursts, bullying


  • Poor judgment
  • Low self-esteem
  • Runaways

Children who witness abuse are also at risk of academic failure, delinquency, arrest and other negative outcomes.

Statistics show that there are 10 million American children at risk from exposure to domestic violence annually.  If there’s no intervention, the cycle of domestic violence will never end. 

Hubbard House provides safety and programs for domestic violence victims and their children. 

Hubbard House’s Helping Kids At Risk program (HARK) is a 12-week course for children between the ages 4 to 17, designated to empower children from abusive homes by teaching them anger management skills, non-violent behavior conflict resolution, and respect for others. HARK focuses on breaking the cycle of future occurrences of domestic violence.

Every child deserves to have a happy home and the right to feel safe.  No child deserves to witness or to be abused. 

For more information on the HARK program please call (904) 400-6300.

If you or someone you know is in an abusive relationship please call the Hubbard House domestic violence hotline at 904-354-3114 or 1-800-500-1119.


Hubbard House is a nationally recognized leader in domestic violence intervention. Founded in 1976, Hubbard House is a certified, comprehensive domestic violence center providing programs and services to more than 5,000 women, children and men annually in Duval and Baker counties. While Hubbard House is most known for its emergency shelter, the agency also provides extensive adult and youth outreach services, school-based education, therapeutic child care, batterers’ intervention programs, court advocacy and volunteer and community education opportunities. Visit to learn more.

By Linda Cedillo