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Ways to partner with Hubbard House

You can partner with Hubbard House through supporting victims and their families directly or by helping us end domestic violence. Each of us have the power to make a difference. How great is our impact when we all work together to achieve a common objective!


Ways you can directly support victims of domestic violence and their families:

  • Support victims and their children by donating to Hubbard House.

  • Share your unique talents and volunteer as an individual.

  • Volunteer as a group with your friends or colleagues. 

  • Host a donation drive or fundraiser. 

  • Invite colleagues or loved ones to attend Hubbard House’s annual Breakfast or Walk with you.

Ways you can help end domestic violence:

  • Spread the word about domestic violence and invite Hubbard House to speak at your meeting or event. 

  • Place “what is abuse cards” in restrooms or other highly visible places. Email for cards.

  • Ask your HR department if they have information about Hubbard House should someone need it. If they don’t, email for materials.

  • If you suspect abuse, have a private conversation with the victim and let them know about Hubbard House’s confidential services and encourage them to call our 24/7 Domestic Violence Hotline, (904) 354-3114, and speak with a trained advocate. If they don’t want to call, let them know in a gentle way that you are there for them.

  • Ending domestic violence starts with treating all people with respect. Commit to standing up for those who are victimized in public, through social media or in person. 

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