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Men Against Violence Against Women Forms a Team, Invites Men to Take a Stand for Survivors

Men Against Violence Against Women (MAVAW) has formed a Walk team that welcomes all men who want to participate in a collaborative effort to end domestic violence against women. 

Brandon Sherlinski at last year’s Stand Up & Stride.

“It can be beyond frustrating for a man to stare the scope of domestic violence in the face and feel powerless to do anything about it,” said Brandon Sherlinski, a partner at Smith, Gambrell and Russell and Hubbard House board member.

“MAVAW and the Walk team gives a man a way to effect real change, a way to act on behalf of all women, especially the ones he loves—we know we are not going to change the world overnight, but it’s time to start taking steps in the right direction.”

Prior to the Walk, the MAVAW team will work together to reach a shared fundraising goal. At the Walk, the team will participate together to show support for survivors. Beyond the walk, for men who want to get more involved with MAVAW, the options are many, including MAVAW leadership and service opportunities.

Sherlinski says, “If you are a man who is interested in making the world a safer place for women, your wife, your sister, your daughter, take this first step today. Let’s stride together toward a better world.” 


Are you a good guy looking to join a team of world-changing men who are just like you or want to donate to support the effort? Take a look at the team page, then register and/or donate!

Got a question? Want more information about MAVAW? Drop a line to, and we’ll help you connect with MAVAW leadership.