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What About My Kids? Adult Dependents? Animals?


If you become a resident in shelter, your children are welcome to come with you. In fact, nearly half of our program participants are kids! You will be impressed by all we offer them, and most kids love being here.

Like adults, our child residents each have an advocate, and can, with your permission, attend counseling and a children’s support group and participate in optional fun activities. We also have a free-to-you Children's Therapeutic Learning Center for newborn to preschool age children and educational assistance for older children.

For children and youth living in Duval and Baker counties who have witnessed domestic violence, we offer free counseling and support groups.

Adult Dependents

Adult dependents of survivors are also welcome in shelter if they live with the survivor in the home.


Through the Shelter, Protection, Education, Advocacy and Kinship (SPEAK) for Pets Project, Hubbard House can arrange to board your pets for free while you are in shelter. The program can also help with preventative and emergency veterinary care. We’ll make every effort to ensure your fuzzy family members are happy and healthy during your transition.


Special thanks to Red Rover and our partners for making the SPEAK for Pets Project possible!

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