Inside Hubbard House

John and Son Find Freedom

This month, a month we celebrate fathers, we also face a tough truth: Though they represent a smaller portion of the survivor population, men can be victimized in domestic violence situations, and the abuse is very real to those experiencing it.

Fortunately, Hubbard House is here to help all survivors with life-saving and life-saving shelter and services. Consider, for example, John and his story.

John was desperate to keep his family together, so even when the abuse became physical, he stayed. He endured the kicks, the slaps and the spitting, and he felt hopeful each time Kim apologized and promised to change. Then, one day, he was delayed in traffic coming home from work. Kim met him in the yard in a rage and chased him with a knife. A neighbor called the police, and an officer helped John and his son leave their home for Hubbard House.

John was ashamed to tell anyone the truth. At first, his wife Kim was inconsiderate, but over time, her words became increasingly cruel and cutting. John tried to be better, to meet Kim’s expectations, but he never could. It only got worse. She was extremely jealous, kept him from friends and family, and controlled all his money. When their son was born, John hoped things would be different, but by their son’s first birthday, all of John’s days were dark.

At Hubbard House, John and his son found the services they needed to find safety and a fresh start, counseling, group support, safety planning, legal help and more. Today, John is free from violence, and his son knows the violence was not his fault.

If you are a man experiencing abuse at the hands of your wife or girlfriend, husband or partner, we’re here for you. You are not alone.

Connect with an advocate at 24/7 Domestic Violence Hotline (904) 354-3114; Textline, (904) 210-3698 to learm more about how we help.