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Individual volunteer opportunities

Hubbard House was founded by a group of dedicated volunteers and that tradition of volunteers advocating on behalf of domestic violence victims continues today. Individual volunteers work through the agency either directly with clients or as an administrative volunteer. These are some examples of how Hubbard House volunteers give back:

  • Use your imagination and your creativity with the children living in shelter through play in our Children's Therapeutic Learning Center.

  • Help complete various administrative projects using your own unique skill set.

  • Provide support by answering crisis calls in hotline.

  • Raise awareness at community events by becoming a Hubbard House Ambassador.

  • Alongside Hubbard House staff, co-lead group counseling for adults or children.


Each volunteer role is unique and comes with different parameters. To work in direct service with clients, volunteers are required to participate in 30 hours of training before volunteering and 16 hours annually. To find out more information or to get started, check out our how to get started page or register for an upcoming orientation


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