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How we help victims and their kids

The victims and children who come to Hubbard House are provided with warm beds, hot meals and personal amenities. Counseling and group support are made available to every sheltered family member, both adults and their children. Victims also receive services from a victim advocate who helps them to avail themselves of public resources and housing assistance. Services from a court advocate and job coach are also available. Shelter and services are always free to survivors, and the goals are always the same: victim safety and empowerment.


Children receive special care at Hubbard House. In-shelter young ones are cared for in the Children's Therapeutic Learning Center, and school-aged children study with certified teachers in small classes. In addition to providing counseling, group support and domestic violence prevention programs for in-shelter young people, Hubbard House provides services for children and teens at the Outreach Center and in the community.


We also have a powerful outreach program to create awareness of domestic violence and to bring social change to our community so we one day realize our vision: Every relationship violence free.


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