Inside Hubbard House

HAIL A HUBBARD HOUSE HERO! Survivor and Hubbard House Ambassador Marie Steps Up, Strides

Marie survived in a violent marriage for 22 years. In 2020, her life is entirely different. She credits the help she received 19 years ago from Hubbard House with helping her to escape and begin again.

“When I came to Hubbard House, I had given up on life. I had no hope – no hope that anything would ever be any different, no hope that anyone would ever love me, no hope thMarie (2).jpgat my son and I could or would ever be safe, but none of that was true.”

At Hubbard House, Marie received the help she needed — like counseling, group support, legal advocacy — and she used her second chance to build a life she loves. Today, she’s healed, happy, thriving, confident, a mother again of two adopted girls, a frequent speaker about domestic violence, and a professional success. Additionally, she’s been remarried to a great guy for eight years.

“I want survivors to know, there is hope. They are not alone. Hubbard House can help. Life can be different. If they don’t believe it, they can take a look at me!”

On April 18, Marie will participate in the Stand Up & Stride. As our 2020 Stand Up & Stride Survivor Ambassador, she’ll also share a short message from the stage, reminding participants that there is hope and help available, and every dollar donated helps Hubbard House make a life-saving, life-changing difference. It takes a community to end domestic violence, consider this and be part of the solution.

To register for the Stand Up & Stride, go here.