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What to do if you see or suspect DV

If you suspect someone is experiencing domestic violence, find a safe place and time to express your concern. Start with what you have observed, and let her or him know you care and are available to listen and provide support.

Note, your friend or loved one may not be ready to talk about what is happening. It’s still important s/he know how things look from your perspective and that you are there and care. It’s also important, in all cases, to share that Hubbard House is here to help with a free hotline, services and an emergency shelter. Our 24/7 Domestic Violence Hotline number is (904) 354-3114. All calls are confidential.

The 24/7 Domestic Violence Hotline is also available to help you, a person trying to help another who may be experiencing domestic violence. Advocates will listen to you, support you, provide information to you about services, and help you make a plan to help.


Of course, if you see or hear domestic violence, call 911. The police are trained to safely offer services to survivors. You may save a life.



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