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24/7 Hotline & Textline Toolkit

Thank you for helping Hubbard House spread awareness of our Hotline and new Textline! These resources provide anyone experiencing domestic violence access to free and confidential help 24/7!

Hubbard House Hotline: 904-354-3114

Hubbard House Textline: 904-210-3698

This Toolkit includes resources that can be helpful for your efforts promoting these life-saving, life-changing resources.


If you have any questions, please contact Community Education Coordinator Stephanie Brown at


NEW Hubbard House Textline!

This new service provides survivors a more discreet way to connect with Hubbard House advocates. Here's how it works:

ONE SHEET: What to know about the Hubbard House Textline

VIDEO: The short video below explains the new Hubbard House Textline 

Sample Hotline Text.png

Social Media and Newsletter posts

We have written sample language that you are welcome to use or adapt for your organization!

  • Instagram graphics (click the image to open a Word doc, where you can copy or save the graphic)



The more locations information about Hubbard House’s Hotline and Textline are posted, the better chance survivors in need will get connected with these resources! Below are fliers of different sizes, so you can choose what works best for your organization.

When considering where to hang or distribute these resources, think of places where someone experiencing abuse may be separated from their abuser, like in a women’s bathroom. You can also distribute these resources to everyone in your organization and place them in common areas like lobbies/waiting rooms.

Domestic Violence and COVID-19

Hubbard House works every day to not only support survivors of domestic violence, but to educate the community as well. We will continue to update Hubbard House's COVID-19 webpage with articles explaining the special challenges survivors of domestic violence face with the virus, and how you can provide help and support.

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