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Success Story: Kathy's Story

Kathy did everything she could to hold her home and work worlds together, but it became harder and harder to do. The bruises left behind by her abusive husband were becoming too dark to credibly cover with cosmetics. His constant phone calls were drawing attention from her supervisor. And, her work quality was suffering because she was preoccupied with thoughts of survival. If things continued the way they were, Kathy felt sure she’d lose the job she loved, and the career she’d worked so hard to build.

One day, feeling she had little to lose, Kathy told her supervisor what was happening. She had been trying to leave her husband for a long time, but there were many barriers. She also feared he might become even more violent if she tried to leave. Her supervisor had attended trainings and knew just how to help Kathy: She supplied her with the Hubbard House hotline number and shared with her the policies the company had in place to help protect her life and her livelihood.

Kathy reached out to Hubbard House. She made an appointment with an advocate and formulated a plan to leave her abuser safely. She also took advantage of the many security measures offered by her employer; for example, she was allowed to vary her work hours and received escorts to and from her car by security. She also took advantage of the paid time off her employer offered, so she could file for an injunction for protection. In the end and because of the support she received, Kathy was able to find safety, and her employer was able to retain an excellent employee.


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