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Help Hubbard House spread the word about our 24/7 confidential domestic violence hotline and textline! Scroll to see images (top of page) and prepared posts (bottom of the page) that you can mix and match, and share on your own social media platforms. Together, we can bring help and hope to survivors of domestic violence in our community!

To save an image, right click and save on your computer, or save to your phone gallery, then share on social media. Don't forget to like, follow and tag* Hubbard House. Having issues saving the files? Go here to access a word document where you can save the images as .jpg. 

*Facebook - @HubbardHouseInc

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Sample language to use:

I registered for the Stand Up & Stride: Hubbard House’s Virtual #DV Awareness Walk, June 1-7! I want survivors to know there is hope and help! The Hubbard House<tag us  #DomesticViolence Hotline and textline are available 24/7. #HHVirtualWalk

Survivors suffer at the hands of abusers during #COVID19 isolation. I’ve signed up for the HubbardHouse<tag us Virtual #DV Awareness Walk and am using social to help reach these survivors with the #DomesticViolence Hotline & Textline! #HHVirtualWalk

I registered for the HubbardHouse<tag us Virtual #DomesticViolence Awareness Walk and am helping create awareness of #DV & Hubbard House, a place survivors can find hope and help! The call is confidential and help is free to survivors! #HHVirtualWalk

“But, he never hits me.” Domestic violence can take many forms. All of them hurt. Need to talk to someone confidentially about what’s happening with your partner? HubbardHouse<tag us is here for you. Trained advocates are standing by. #HHVirtualWalk

1 in 3 women experience #domesticviolence. Hubbard House<tag us is here to help with shelter, free services. I’m sharing this post and participating in the #HubbardHouse Virtual Walk to spread the Hotline & Textline, and save lives! #HHVirtualWalk


Wow! Hubbard House<tag us  provides many services to help survivors of #domesticviolence to overcome barriers, find safety. Emergency shelter, in-shelter childcare, relocation & job help, counseling and more is available at no cost. #HHVirtualWalk

Hubbard House<tag us serves 4k+ survivors of domestic violence and kids per year. The impact is spared suffering, saved lives! I’ve signed up for their Virtual #DV Awareness Walk and am sharing their Hotline/Textline to spread hope! #HHVirtualWalk


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