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Have a policy in place

Do you have a domestic violence policy in place? Are your employees familiar with it? Why is this important? 

  • Victims are unlikely to reveal the danger they are in unless they know how their employer will react.

  • Relatives and other personal acquaintances committed 28 percent of all workplace homicides in which women were the victims.

  • Florida law requires employers to provide 24 hours paid leave in some circumstances. You need to know the law and be prepared to make accommodations.

How do I develop a domestic violence policy? Does it need to be a separate policy? Hubbard House can help you with what should be included in your policy. Your attorney should approve any policy. Once your policy is in place, Hubbard House can help you with the following:

  • Introduce and train employees on domestic violence.

  • Provide training and literature to your EAP provider.

  • Provide brochures and pocket size cards to distribute to employees or to place in strategic locations in your place of business. 

We are here to help in whatever way we can.

Need assistance in developing a domestic violence policy? Looking for training for your staff or literature about domestic violence? Contact

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