Collect cleaning supplies to help Hubbard House sparkle for survivors and their children!

What do we need to keep Hubbard House sparking clean for survivors? We need everything for this home that you need for your home, except we need enough to clean a larger space that houses more people. (On average and on any given day, 120 adults and children live at Hubbard House.)

Here is a some examples of specific in-demand supplies that are needed now: dish soap, dish-washing detergent, laundry soap, bleach, disinfectants, window cleaner, sponges and dish cloths. Paper products are needed, too; namely, paper towels, bathroom tissue and paper plates.

Hubbard House provides survivors with a safe, clean and comfortable place to begin to heal. Your drive will help us to keep the facilities fresh and communicate caring to survivors and their children.

woman buying washing powder.jpg