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Our Services

Hubbard House works to accomplish three main objectives; the first is safety for victims and their children. In everything we do, safety comes first. The second is we work to empower victims. Through individual and group counseling, we help them develop life management skills as they learn about the dynamics of domestic violence, so they will have the skills they need to be safe on an ongoing basis. We help them find their strength and their voice. It is such a powerful thing to see a victim regain their personal strength. The third is social change through education and advocacy. In addition to our extensive community education and prevention efforts, Hubbard House staff and volunteers serve on numerous committees and task forces to work to change the systemic and community response to domestic violence. We also help study each homicide to see if there were things that could have been done to prevent future homicides.

For individuals who may require accommodations, see our Auxiliary Aids and Services Plan Summary.

Hubbard House is the only certified domestic violence center serving Duval and Baker counties.

We provide the following programs:

Emergency Shelter

By providing victims with access to information and support as well as safe refuge, the emergency shelter services address the crucial needs of victims in the midst of crisis. Victim advocates help residents identify their needs and establish goals based on their individual circumstances with a primary focus on safety for the family. Shelter is a warm and inviting place.

Outreach Center

The Outreach Center, located at 6629 Beach Boulevard, offers walk-in appointments for those in need of individual counseling. Clients who utilize the Outreach Center are comprised of shelter residents who need continuing support after they leave shelter so that they can maintain violence-free lives and those who may not need shelter because they have other housing options or because their situation has not yet risen to an acute level. There are advocates available during normal business hours to talk to anyone who needs help or wants to learn more.

Children’s Services

Children who live with violence are impacted by that violence whether they were physically abused or not. Hubbard House is a leader in addressing the impact of domestic violence on children. We help them understand the violence is not their fault, help them know what they can do should they be in danger, help them understand and express their feelings and teach then non-violent conflict resolution skills so the violence will not be repeated in the next generation.

Batterers’ Intervention

Since 1981 the Hubbard House First Step program has offered a means for batterers to examine and change their behaviors and the belief systems supporting those behaviors. Programs are available for both men and women and are 26 weeks in length.

Training and Education

An integral part of the mission of Hubbard House is educating the public about the dynamics of domestic violence, its impact on victims, and the critical importance of intervention and prevention in transforming lives. Each year Hubbard House staff and volunteers speak to many different segments of the public, including civic and community-based groups, professional and educational audiences, and governmental and business employees.

Baker County Services

Hubbard House victim advocates provide support to victims who reside in Baker County. They have access to the Hubbard House shelter which is located in Jacksonville as well as outreach services at sites in Baker County. For more information please call (904) 354-3114 or 800-500-1119.

Court Advocacy

The Center for the Prevention of Domestic Violence (CPDV) is a “one stop shop” located inside the Duval County Unified Courthouse. Hubbard House court advocates are available to provide victims of domestic violence with assistance in obtaining an injunction for protection and finding a safe place to relocate. Although court advocates are not attorneys, they help victims understand the legal process, assist them with safety planning and provide emotional support and community referrals. For more information please call (904) 354-3114 or 800-500-1119.

Intimate Violence Enhanced Services Team (InVEST)

InVEST was created to increase victim safety in the most potentially lethal cases. It is a collaborative effort among the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office (JSO), the City of Jacksonville and Hubbard House. On a daily basis, InVEST personnel review domestic violence police reports, evaluate cases for lethal indicators and proactively contact the victim to offer services.

Creating Opportunities and Career Help (COACH)

COACH is a program at Hubbard House to assist survivors of domestic violence in securing economic stability through rewarding employment. Through the COACH program we establish mutually beneficial relationships with Jacksonville employers and work alongside Hubbard House participants as they search for and attain rewarding employment. Employment is the vehicle that enables a survivor