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35 Wishes

November 15, 2011

As we commemorate the 35th year of Hubbard House we would like to ask the community to help us fulfill 35 special wishes. The most important wish is for peace in every home and that every child grows up in a safe, loving home but we realize these wishes will not be fulfilled in this anniversary year. Below are 35 wishes that could come true this year with your help. Fulfillment of a portion of a wish, an entire wish or multiple wishes will have a significant impact on our agency! If you are able to grant a wish please contact Jami Gaff Bueker at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or 354-0076 ext 211.

1. 35 survivors to join the Survivor’s Speakers Bureau
2. 35 people to coordinate a Domestic Violence in the Workplace workshop at their place of business
3. New Thrift Store delivery truck
4. 3,500 promotional items to give away at community events to help raise awareness about domestic violence
5. Language-learning software for staff to learn additional languages to better serve clients (particularly Spanish tapes)
6. 35 cases diapers and wipes (sizes 3-5 & pull-ups) and 35 cases of infant formula
7. Volunteers to conduct evening activities for kids in shelter during adult support groups
8. 35 new legacy gifts (planned giving gifts)
9. Volunteer group to arrange temporary care for pets of families in shelter
10. 35 packs of new underwear, bras, and socks for women, girls and boys
11. 35 cases of laundry soap, dish soap and bleach
12. 35 new blankets, towel sets and wash cloths
13. New computer server
14. Time and attendance software for staff ($10,000)
15. 35 new sets of pillows
16. 35 men to commit to revitalizing Men Against Violence Against Women (MAVAW)
17. Public relations campaign including TV ads, billboards, print ads for one year
18. Appraiser to donate their time to appraise donated items to our Thrift Store
19. 5 sets of new pots and pans, 35 new sets of dishes, 35 new sets of silverware to stock the residential kitchens
20. Donor/Event software ($6,500)
21. 35 gas gift cards to help children go on field trips
22. New telephone system for the agency ($50,000)
23. 35 canned good drives
24. 35 cell phone drives
25. 35 new twin mattresses (waterproof) for the shelter and 35 new twin bed sets (comforters/sheets/pillow cases)
26. 35 new women’s suits, new work shoes, and new blouses for the career closet
27. $10,000 to upgrade the children’s playground for daycare center and after-school programs
28. 35 $100 donations to go to the Freedom Fund – a fund used to help clients with costs associated with establishing their independence
29. Volunteer facilitators for support groups
30. Fund accounting software for finance ($30,000)
31. 35 people to double their current financial support to Hubbard House
32. 35 new computers (some will be used to establish a computer lab at the outreach center for clients to apply for jobs and other needs)
33. Corporate sponsor for the Therapeutic Childcare Center ($250,000/year)
34. $35,000 in funding to add a full-time staff position
35. Volunteers to provide childcare for children whose parents are attending an outreach group counseling session